Last “Weekly Outlook”

Also this week, our main goal has been reached: do not lose money !! Seriously, the week did not give us many trading opportunities, but those that we found, gave us a good gain, such as the Trade (LONG) on Bitcoin and USOIL. That said, we are already preparing for the next week and in a few hours we will begin to publish our Analysis in the Trading Room.
Also for the next week, 200-250 pips will be our target, and geo-political turbulence will be our main driver. At the moment we already have 3-4 setups that we could follow during the next week.
Below, we have published one of our closed setups and in a few hours the analysis about Bitcoin will be published for the next week … do not miss it !!!

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  • Calo Rasi
    – Professional Trader & Senior Analysis


  • A A

    Hello, nice prediction over there. Like many of us, I’m sad that you’re not updating the BTC chart on Tradingview but I can understand it. Are we still remaining bearish after the recent pump, the target 2 is still viable (3.5k)? When can we expect the next chart update for the free users? Thanks a lot and I wish you the best.

    • Team Research

      Hi! At the moment, our analysis about Bitcoin is reserved only for our customers, but this does not mean that we will publish a free chart again in the future. Have a nice week!!

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